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Buy Metermine Online

Metermine is a commercially available weight loss drug at Australian pharmacies. Metermine drug manufacturer is an Australian pharmaceutical company, called INova. Since 2011, INova is a part of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (headquartered in Canada).

Given that the active ingredient Phentermine is a strong CNS stimulant, which can cause drug dependence, Metermine capsules are available at Australian pharmacies on prescription only. So in order to buy Metermine capsules in Australia, one should consult a doctor.

During 10 years (2004 to 2014), people used to buy such drugs as:

  • Metermine 15mg capsules (grey and green)
  • Metermine 30mg capsules (grey and reddish brown)
  • Metermine 40mg capsules (grey and orange)

Every capsule Metermine contains the active substance Phentermine (as an ion exchange resin complex). Dosage of the active ingredient Phentermine in one Metermine capsule is indicated in milligrams.

Some Australian pharmacies offer their potential clients to buy Metermine online. Before buying Metermine online from Australia, make sure this online pharmacy accepts orders and makes the delivery of these weight loss capsules to your region.

If you decided to order Metermine online, but have never ordered anti-obesity medications on online pharmacies, ask the pharmacist any questions you want. Many online pharmacies that sell Metermine online in Australia provide a professional consultation of a pharmacist for free.

Indications for Use of Metermine

TGA (Australia) have approved Metermine medication for treatment of obesity (BMI 30 and above):

  • In pediatric patients of 12 yr. and older
  • In adult and geriatric patients over 65 years old

Overweight adolescents and adults (BMI 27 to 29 included) can get prescription on Metermine medication only if they have the following risk factors:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Hypercholesterolemia

Metermine Efficiency

Safety and efficiency of Metermine have been studied during long-term research. According to results of clinical studies and post-marketing research, Metermine helps to reduce the body weight regardless of the severity of obesity and patient’s age.

Just as any other medication containing Phentermine, Metermine has anorexigenic effect. Providing anorectic effect, Metermine helps obese people to follow a healthy, low calorie diet. A regular intake of Metermine pills helps to reduce the frequency of food consumption and the caloricity of daily diet significantly.

Another important fact is that Metermine can stimulate metabolism and increase thermogenesis, thereby providing fat burn. Therefore, after the use of Metermine, the weight loss not only occurs because of appetite suppression, but also because of activation of fatty cells destruction.

Recommendations for Use of Metermine

  • Metermine helps to achieve maximum results in the fight against obesity only if obese person does his best complying a low-calorie diet. People can get a significant decrease of body fat percentage within a few weeks by removing foods high in vegetable and animal fats from the daily diet.
  • If physical exercises are not contraindicated to obese patient, he should gradually increase his physical activity during the use of Metermine. Thanks to daily physical loads; people can improve their metabolism, thereby insuring themselves an intensive fat burn.
  • When using Metermine pills, it is better to give up alcohol. Even low-alcohol drink enhance the influence of active ingredient Phentermine on the CNS and can cause severe side effects.
  • Patient should never take Metermine more than once daily, regardless of Metermine daily dose.
  • Because when used more than once per day, Metermine diet pills provoke severe side effects, such as drug dependence and insomnia.

Recommended Dosage of Metermine

  • Minimal recommended dose is one Metermine 15mg per day.
  • The most prescribed daily dose is Metermine 30mg.
  • If patient has tolerance to anorexic effect of Metermine (Phentermine), the daily dose should be increased up to 40mg.

Teenagers from 12 years old, elderly people and patients with liver and (or) kidney disease, might need an adjustment of Metermine dosing.

Usually, the listed categories of patients are prescribed the minimum daily dose Metermine 15mg.

In addition, the reduction of daily doses of Metermine is necessary in case the patient has severe side effects. All the side effects of Metermine are dose-dependent. Thus, adverse reactions weaken after the reduction of Metermine daily dose.

If you decide to order Metermine online without a prescription, but you have never taken weight loss capsules containing Phentermine before, please ask for a professional help of an online pharmacist. Almost all the Australian pharmacies offer pharmacist’s consultations for free.

Metermine Manufacturer

Metermine capsules are manufactured by one of the largest Australian pharmaceutical companies – iNova (part of Valeant since 2011). It should be noted that iNova Pharmaceuticals is the only rightholder of Metermine trade name and the only distributer of Phentermine diet pills in Australia.

In Australian pharmacies, Phentermine diet pills by iNova Pharmaceuticals are available under the original trade names Metermine and Duromine, as well as generic names:

  • Phentermine Resin iNova and Phentermine Resin Valeant.

Duromine capsules and Phentermine Resin capsules contain the same amount of active substance Phentermine as Metermine capsules (15mg, 30mg or 40mg) do. Therefore, anti-obesity medications Duromine and Phentermine Resin can be used as alternative to Metermine.

Considering that iNova Pharmaceuticals has exclusive trade license for selling Phentermine pills within Australia (including sale under Metermine trade name), it does not have to compete with the U.S. and Indian manufacturers of Phentermine pills.

The lack of competition between different manufacturers of Phentermine pills is the main reason why the cost of this medication in Australia is among the highest ones in the world.

For instance, about 15 companies in the USA produce and distribute Phentermine pills. Therefore, the cost of Phentermine medication in the USA is much lower than the cost of Phentermine pills (including Metermine) in Australia.

If you wish to buy cheap Metermine pills in Australia, but they are very expensive in local drugstores, you can most likely order cheap Metermine pills or Metermine generics on online pharmacy. Before purchasing Metermine online from Australia, please make sure the online pharmacy delivers these pills to your home region.

Metermine Australia

Metermine is one of multiple trade names of drug, containing ion exchange resin complex Phentermine. On Australian pharmaceutical market, people can find Metermine 15mg, Metermine 30mg and Metermine 40mg. Milligrams indicate the amount of the pharmaceutical substance Phentermine in one Metermine capsule.

Metermine weight loss capsules have been included into ARTG in 2004. In 2014, Metermine capsules are still on sale in Australia, but on prescription only. In order to buy Metermine in Australia, one should visit a therapist, who administers a medical examination.

The doctor can prescribe this anti-obesity medication, only if there are no contraindications for use of Metermine (Phentermine) capsules or their active ingredients.

Metermine Online

Many Australians, who suffer from obesity, want to use Metermine for a quick weight loss, only they have no idea where to buy this drug with a powerful anorexigenic effect. First, you need to know that Metermine pills may cause psychotropic effect, therefore Metermine is only available on prescription at pharmacies.

The psychotropic effect may occur due to a long-term use of maximal daily doses of Metermine or in overdose. Besides this, the psychotropic effect can occur as a result of using Metermine along with other CNS stimulant drugs.

Because Metermine is a powerful CNS stimulant, it can cause drug dependence. Therefore, before doctor prescribes Metermine pills, he should be certain the patient does not have history of drug and (or) alcohol dependence.

Having made sure that Metermine does not pose a potential threat to mental and overall health of a patient, the doctor can prescribe these diet pills.

After a patient gets the prescription on Metermine pills, he can buy them in retail pharmacy network or online pharmacies. Most Australian people buy Metermine at ordinary drugstores. But those, who know they can save both time and money when buying drugs on online pharmacy, certainly buy Metermine online.

In order to buy Metermine online, you just need to fill in a medical questionnaire and attach “online prescription”. Australians, who have purchased the prescription drugs on online pharmacy at least once, can order Metermine online in just 5-7 minutes.

For those, who have never bought Metermine online before, should better ask a pharmacist all the questions they have, before placing an order. To get a qualitative consultation from a pharmacist, you can ask your questions by email, phone or joining a live chat.

Please note that trade license on Metermine online in Australia is only issued to Australian online pharmacies. If online pharmacy was registered outside Australia, Metermine diet pills, sent to you from other country, can be confiscated by customs.

The only weight loss products that can be sent by post from other country – are OTC diet pills, containing all-natural ingredients. There are effective and safe OTC diet pills on the international pharmaceutical market. Thus, potential consumers can order these weight loss products online from any country of the world.